Petal’s Endurance metal framed duct panel on cubicle systems, commercial washrooms, changing room benches, washroom cubicles and toilet partitions  deliver the solid performance that is required for even the most demanding applications. Our steel frame facilitates the flexible manufacturing processes and material options allow us to produce practical solutions that deliver exactly the style and performance you want in your washroom.

We understand that every duct panelling application is different and with unique needs. The demands of an executive washroom, hotel spa or school locker space will each be very different to a health centre treatment room or a visitor’s washroom in a hospital. At Petal we focus on design and performance, matching the materials and panel configurations that will best meet the special needs of each project.

Panel Options

There are a number of panel gap options available which cater for both aesthetic and practical needs depending on the application. In each case our sales or technical team will be able to advise which options we recommend for your cubicle system or commercial washrooms  project.


P100 High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

20mm thick panels finished with a straight edge finished in matching laminate giving a sharp clean appearance. Suitable for most dry areas. Veneers may also be specified.

P300-compact grade-petal-northern-ireland-uk

P300 Compact Grade (CGL)

12mm thick high performance panelling with soft radiused edges for use in wet environments, high wear areas or those requiring high levels of hygiene and robust cleaning regimes.


P200 High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

20mm thick panels finished with post formed edges on the vertical for a softer aesthetic feel. Suitable for most dry areas.

Interior of Petal's Esteem Toilet Cubicle

P400 Glass/Laminate

4mm toughened or laminated glass wall panels provide a prestigious and luxurious ambience and can produce that wow factor which 5 star establishments need to create.

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