With an emphasis on personality and personalisation, we have introduced the art of the possible into washroom designs through the application of the latest materials and digital manufacturing technologies. Design Plus is a bespoke service offered by Petal.

This is just an introduction to the range and scope of the options available, as it is impossible to explore the full opportunities within a few pages. If you are looking for something really special beyond the 50 options contained in our Colour Collection brochure, then please talk to us about your ideas and requirements.


Outstanding schemes can be created using Wood, stone, glass, acrylic, gloss laminates which deliver both unique visual and tactile finishes creating interest in both panelling and system components.
Design Plus extends the colour range and introduces creative surfacing to create an entirely different look and feel compared with traditional laminates. Alternatively, create a sense of substance and style through the use of premium textured laminates that will set any project apart.

The latest glass technology delivers stunning finishes, colours and even encapsulated print effects. Glass can be incorporated into a range of specific cubicles as well as being used for wall panels and vanity surfaces.

Design Plus

Bespoke Systems

Design Plus

Petal Design Plus also offers a fully bespoke manufacturing service to deal with any special requests which are required to make your design a reality.


Through the use of the latest digital imaging technology we can deliver highly personalised solutions for individual projects. Any image, logo or design can be applied in part or throughout a scheme with dramatic effect.

It is easy to begin to imagine how Design Plus could be utilised in any sports arena, cinema, theatre, in fact any application where you may want the washrooms or changing facilities to become part of the overall experience. This technology can be applied even if there is only one application. 

The opportunity to repeat a special design could be a very powerful branding tool in the retail, hotel and hospitality sector. Utilise unique imagery, brand or messages to stay connected with your market.

Design Plus
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